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Abigail Clancy and her best friend go out for a drink

It seems that Abigail had a little accident while she was leaving the vehicle with her best friend and she accidentally flashed her lingerie undies. Well, at least we now know what kind of underpants Abigail likes to wear.

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Abigail Clancy wearing leather pants on a sunny day

It seems like she was getting her car towed away that day, judging by her face expression. However, her leather pants perfectly express her divine figure. Also, the last picture is a little bit more cheerful than these three.

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Abigail Clancy has a pair of massive milk cans to show

Abigail is an eccentric lady with long hazel hair and enormous boobs. She’s beautiful as well. Take a look at the way she’s posing in front of the camera, you can tell she’s got some serious experience within her.

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