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Andrea Wilson is a blue-eyed goddess of a woman

Just look at her mesmerizing face! There’s no way someone thinks she’s not hot, it’s impossible. However, there’s more! If you take a close look at the third picture you’ll see how incredible her booty looks while wet.

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Andrea Wilson snapped a few provocative selfies

Well, Andrea also probably didn’t think these will see the light of day on the Internet, but she was wrong. The third picture is probably the one that’s going to take the medal. Look at that body, it’s insanely alluring.

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Andrea Wilson has a pair of mind-boggling ocean-blue eyes

Andrea is a bewitching blonde with a pair of breathtaking blue eyes. When this babe decides to look straight into your eyes, you’d better be prepared for the adrenaline rush. She’s amazing, there are no other words for her.

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