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Brittny Gastineau didn’t count on her naughty nipples

Brittny probably wanted to avoid nipple slips by wearing a swimsuit instead of a bikini but her mission failed miserably. We don’t mind though, the sight is pretty great. Take a closer look at the second picture, you’ll see it.

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Brittny Gastineau having fun in a red swimsuit

Brittny had a lot of fun that day, you can tell by the expression on her face. However, one tiny little detail slipped through. More precisely, her left boobs found a way out of her swimsuit as you can see.

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Brittny Gastineau having a swim in a hot red swimsuit

Although Brittny loves wearing bikinis, she opted for a hot swimsuit this time, which is also fine. Whatever she decides to wear on the beach turns out as a perfect solution. Check her out, you’ll love her amazing curves.

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