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Chloe Khan bending over while playing tennis

Chloe is a bewitching babe and she seems like she likes hitting the balls. Jokes aside, she was on a tennis court doing a photo shoot or a random match with a friend, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the third picture.

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Chloe Khan playing tennis dressed like a slut

Chloe really loves wearing provocative clothes, especially when she’s playing with balls. Look at those slender legs in the third picture, it’s insane! However, the last one seems like the hottest of the set, but you be the judge.

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Chloe Khan is a chocolate diva with gigantic milk cans

Chloe is something every man dreams of. There’s no way you didn’t imagine yourself alongside a babe like this. She is simply perfect and she has everything a woman needs in order to be amazingly hot and sexy.

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