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Elisabetta Gregoraci bends over in a smoking-hot bikini

Elisabetta is a long-haired brunette with an amazing ass. The best part about her is that she’s not a stranger when it comes down to bending over and teasing her faithful fans with her amazing booty. She’s just perfect.

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Elisabetta Gregoraci bending over in a sexy bikini

Apart from her bending over in the second picture, the other three are probably sexier for most men. Seeing Elisabetta topless is a special feeling and a special occasion. Take your time and check out those amazing tits.

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Elisabetta Gregoraci went on her balcony without a bra

Elisabetta probably forgot there’s a ton of guys beneath her balcony waiting for her to show up. Also, she showed up topless! Look at those abs! This babe is one of the best-looking honeys in the universe, for sure.

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