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Erika Jordan wears a very peculiar pair of jeans

Well, you can’t see a babe with this kind of ass strolling on the street wearing these jeans. However, we were lucky enough to get a hold of these amazing photos of Erika’s little adventure on the street.

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Erika Jordan strolling on the street with a naked butt

Erika decided to wear this peculiar pair of jeans and see the reactions on the street. Well, needless to say, she induced a few boners for sure. Look at her ass, anyone would get a raging boner instantly.

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Erika Jordan forgot she’s not wearing a bra

Erika Jordan was on the street and something fell out of her purse. She squatted to get it, but forgot about the fact that she’s not wearing a bra. Needless to say, her restless left boob found the way out.

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