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Gwendoline Christie is tall and incredibly hot

Gwendoline will catch your attention because she’s pretty tall and she has a great pair of legs. Her legs are her main weapon of destruction. On the second picture, her legs are almost as tall as the girl beside her.

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Gwendoline Christie loves the retro style of modeling

Gwendoline is a slender babe with a really seductive stare. However, if you look at the last picture, you’ll see how tasty her boobs are. Also, her freshly trimmed tunnel of love is available for evaluation in the last picture.

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Gwendoline Christie sitting naked on her silk bed

Gwendoline is an eccentric babe with blonde hair and nice boobs. You have to believe us when it comes down to the description of her body assets because you can’t see much in this picture. Regardless, take a look.

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