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Heidi Montag having great fun on a water ski

Heidi Montag decided to have some fun on the beach and wear the tiniest bikini ever. However, we can’t blame her; this girl has a million dollar body. Her boyfriend seems quite impressed by her water ski skills as well.

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Heidi Montag taking a walk with her boyfriend

When Heidi decides to wear a pink bikini, you know the thing is going to hit the fan. This prepossessing babe is the fulfillment of every man’s wet dream. There is no way you won’t like this piece of ass.

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Heidi Montag strolling on the beach in an awesome bikini

Heidi loves hitting the beach in provocative clothes. As expected, she didn’t disappoint this time either. Check out the two last photos of the set and you’ll comprehend the amount of hotness she emits. Take your time, she’s worth it.

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