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Jessica Lowndes in a hot red swimsuit teasing

Jessica has exposed her pink underwear in two of these pictures. A whiff of wind lifted up her skirt and voila! The other two pictures are of her on the beach in a super-hot red swimsuit fondling her perfectly shaped body.

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Jessica Lowndes wearing a super-hot red swimsuit

Jessica looks incredible, especially when she’s on the beach. Whichever picture you refer to will blow your mind instantly. However, the third picture seems like an obvious winner here, nothing can top that succulent booty. She’s a true super star.

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Jessica Lowndes wears sexy lace lingerie at home

Jessica was trying out her new hot lingerie at home and she decided to snap a photo of her adventure. Also, she was in the swimming pool when she decided to snap a photo in a bikini. Take your pick.

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