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Karen Gillan in sexy pink lingerie smiling lusciously

Karen is a naughty girl; it’s obvious by the way she acts around the camera. You can see she’s perfectly comfortable in front of it. However, if you look at the first picture you’ll that her smile is her greatest virtue.

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Karen Gillan strolling on the fashion party without a bra

Karen is a mesmerizing super model with a pair of nice natural boobs. The way Karen looks into the camera in the second picture is impressive and alluring. Once you see this babe, you won’t ever look back again.

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Karen Gillan wore a peculiar transparent dress on the cat walk

Karen is a well-known model with a slender body. She’s so tight, it’s incredible. Take a look at the last photo in which she’s sitting on a couch. The way she’s looking at the camera tells you she’s ready to rock.

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