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Karina Jelinek having some alone time on the beach

Karina is lying down on the beach catching some tan when she notices a guy taking pictures of her butt. Well, she doesn’t seem to mind much because she even smiled and purposely bent over for a better view.

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Karina Jelinek bent over on the beach in a tiny bikini

Karina was on the beach and she didn’t think about people around her having their cameras ready on stand-by. That resulted in her bending over and showing off her succulent behind. The last picture though, is a whole another story.

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Karina Jelinek stretching her body in a hot bikini

Karina was on the beach one day and she decided to take her top off. We don’t know whether she wanted to cover her tits with that dress or not, but we know she didn’t make it before getting snapped.

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