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Marissa Everhart is ready for the beach session

Marissa is a succulent diva and she loves bragging with her ass. She has all the rights to do is because it’s a perfectly shaped ass. She even brought a bottle of water to cool down when it gets hot.

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Marissa Everhart is a blonde diva with a gorgeous ass

In a sea of girls with mesmerizing tits, we got one with a mesmerizing ass. This blonde sensation of a woman is well aware of her assets and she’s not afraid to share them with the world. Well, thank you, Marissa.

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Marissa Everhart doing a commercial on the beach in a bikini

Marissa is a gorgeous chick with sick abs! This babe has a six pack from heaven. Also, she’s quite pretty, to say the least. It doesn’t matter there’s only one photo of her, it’s more than enough. Use your creativity.

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