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Masculin Feminin – Purple Magazine has some nice boobs for you

Masculin Feminin is a movie full of hot girls with natural boobs. These pictures show some of those girls and they look pretty hot nonetheless. However, the last picture with the babe slightly bent over is the best.

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Masculin Feminin – Purple Magazine photo session for the movie

This honey has a nice slender body and a killer stare. Also, her boobs are pretty succulent and juicy to say the least. The first picture seems like the sexiest one considering there’s booty in it. She’s amazing.

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Masculin Feminin – Purple Magazine a naked session

This was a photo session for the famous drama called Masculin Feminin. The model they chose is gorgeous, she’s perfect for the cover, no doubt about that. Check out her natural tits and her seductive smile, it is amazing.

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