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Pippa Middleton has some fun swimming in a hot swimsuit

Pippa might not be royalty, but she definitely looks like a queen. In these photos, you can see Pippa having fun on vacation while wearing a hot piece of red bikini. Overall, Pippa has a surprisingly amazing body.

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Pippa Middleton taking a swim on the beach

We know Pippa is probably never going to have her nude pictures leaked, maybe due to the fact she’s a sister to a princess. However, having her pictures in which she’s wearing a bikini is more than enough for us.

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Pippa Middleton crossed her legs a bit too much

You would expect that the sister of a princess is immune to mistakes. Well, you would be wrong, and Pippa proved it. She was watching a tennis match, and she crossed her legs. Wow, what a moment! Take a peek

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